"every pious person has a past, and every sinner has a future!"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Intern vs GBC

1 day before..

for the challenge..catch us on tv yea..RTM dunia ria..hehe

final t0uch..
at taylor's u c..ready 4 da challenge
after the presntation..fuhhhh..lega!! the best fr0m us for UKM terchenta..heee..:D

from left: fared,firdaus,wai keong,dr ruhanita,me,ann,fana,ilya,misya..
thnx guys 4 supp0rting..really appreciate it..muchos gracias..mmuuahhh


1st runner up..hepi la..
The Elites from TAR college will represent Malaysia in global challenge..
gudluck guys..Malaysia Boleh!!

h0pe next year UKM's team will do much2 better..
experience,knowledge..its measurable..
v nj0y this event n also da pressie of cos..*wink*
thnx to all the sponsors..

sh0ping2 time..yeah!!

nj0y da sh0w..lepaking

makan2!!steamboat at bangi..nice 1!!

tata!!thats all fr0m me..:D
selamat berpuasa!!!