"every pious person has a past, and every sinner has a future!"

Saturday, March 27, 2010

its life!!!!!

evrytime v fall down, v have 2 get up n be stronger. never let the emotion 2 control u. let u control the emotion!! n also remember, He is there observing us. only those who selected confronted test as He knew, v could face. only with various challenges n test, then v know that who v r!!n v never ever 4get who ourselves...:)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When hate isn't a strong word anymore?

okay! it's not like everyday ure going to have your DAY. so i Proudly announce that today isn't mine. something's/someone's bothering me :)

p.s-loli, hg saba naa.. buat lebey dpt pahala :)  goodluck for the presentation! hugs

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There's No Crime in Being a Workaholic

 Jam menunjukkan pukul 5.12 pm it's time for me to go back! sakit blakang and sakit pinggang  eleh itu pun nak update..saje je.. baru tulis blog mmg batak skit.. teehee! i ll be normal in the next 5 days. trust me! finito!

time to balik! *yawn*

Today I feel HAPPY :D

Sometimes we push ourselves to fake a smile and pretend to laugh when nothing tickles your heart, but have u asked yourself  why you need a reason to be happy..while the reason is YOU
okie sebenarnya atas ni just a quote as a preface to what i'm gonna nag about today and sgt tak de kene mengene pon..so, saye nak sambung..it's only 12.32 am now and my location is.. no one has to know..okie, itu sgt poyo! saye berade di lab FEP.  my main intention of coming here actually to proceed my thesis yg tergendale dgn hebatnye..but ape yang saye buat is yes, updating blog and checking on FB. okie, I agree if u say that i'm a lousy 3rd year student. But Hey, Don't judge! Fullstop

But today , after bayar bil elektrik @ pusanika.. SOMEHOW  saye rase happy sgt!maybe because along the way to FEP I met some of my friends and we even had a chance to talk happily skejap  . and the feeling like SO 1st year! actually now I get the picture, as time goes by I tend to isolate myself from them because I was too busy outside. sorry PROFUSELY Kengkawan. I forgot how was it like to have friends around us. They are the source of my happiness. Pengganti family yang jauh even bukanlah pengganti yang sempurna :) Thanks deeply gals! I love them as sun starts to rise and sun starts to set! PHM X? TAPE SAYE PUN X..

okie la malas nak membebel dengan lebih pjg lagi, I gotta end this and start my agenda! thesis-phere dah dtg! all geared up and ready to go! toodles~!

the beginning has just started...hye saye Syifa :)

First and foremost, thanks to my only Lolito (julaily) for letting me share this blog..hehe..actually dah lama die *pakse* i share blog ngn die,  mase short sem last year june 2009 kot..sbb mase tu sumpah boring takde kerja and banyak mase terbuang. thats why bagi memanfaatkan mase kteorg pun nak buat blog. tp end up si loli nie je yang buat. so today kire i nak fulfill la permintaan die selame nie. kire cam ur wish is my command. (sebenarnye boring gile dok flatlet nie, roomate pun tarak)

btw i nie mmg boring and x byk cta so ape yang penting..ada blog! yes finally.. tade la carik Gayah lagi nak mencurah perasaan. curah kat cni je..itu sja.. tata! mmg saya seorg yang boring..so ade mslh??tade tape..saya nak tdo!

when u ask me whats wrong, I can't tell how exactly i feel.. i just dont know how, but one thing, i can show

     finito and goodnite! (basuh tangan kaki and doa jgn lupee!)